Rental Equipment

China .45 each piece

Appetizer Plates (7 1/2”)
Bread & Butter Plates (7 1/2”)
Glass Salad Plates (7 3/4”)
Dinner Plates (10 1/2”)
Dessert Plates (7 1/2”)
Soup Bowls (8oz)

Silverware .50 each piece

Appetizer Forks
Salad Forks
Dinner Forks
Butter Knives

Glassware .40 each piece

Rocks/Highball (12 oz)
Wine White/Red (14 oz./12oz.)
Water (12 oz.)
Beer/Iced Tea (16 oz.)
Champagne Flutes 6 oz.)
Coffee Cups (8 oz, 12 oz)

Coffee Urns

42 cup, 55 cup, 100 cup 7.50 ea


(w/ sterno)
2qt. copper 12.00
3 qt or 4qt round, stainless 10.00
6 qt. oval, stainless 15.00
8 qt. rectangle, stainless 20.00
Heat Lamp (Double Light) 15.00

Tables & Chairs

Cocktail (30”or 42”hx 30”w) 10.50
4’ Round 7.00
5’ Round 8.25
6’ Banquet 7.25
6’ Banquet Plastic Prep 7.25
8’ Banquet 7.25
8’ Banquet Plastic Prep 7.25
White Wood Chairs (resin) 3.00
Mahogany Chiavari Chair with Ivory Cushion 7.25


Range, Portable w/Propane Tank 125.00
Convection Oven, portable (1/2 sheet pan) 150.00
Portable Single Butane Gas Burner 10.00

White Wood Chairs (resin)
Mahogany Chiavari Chair with Ivory Cushion




White Cloth Napkins 1.50 ea
85” x 85” sq. fits 60” round table 7.00 ea
114” x 52” rectangle fits 6’ or 8’ banquet table 7.00 ea
*Napkins and tablecloths of various sizes and colors are available upon request, including floor length cloths.  Pricing will vary, so please call for details.

If you do not see an item you need, please ask.


Rental Terms & Agreement

Damage Waiver

A damage waiver charge will be included with every order. The damage waiver is 10% of the final bill not including taxes and delivery.

All damaged and broken items must be returned for the damage waiver to apply. Otherwise, full replacement cost will be charged for missing items.

The damage waiver does not cover weather damage or any other damages attributed to the negligence of the customer.

Rental Period

A normal rental period is 1 to 4 days. After 4 days, additional charges will apply. (Unless other arrangements are made.)

Delivery & Pickup

$60.00 minimum order for delivery option. Items may be picked up at our facility. Delivery is available for a fee based on distance and travel time.

Care of Rental Items

All rental items must be returned in their original container.
All items must be returned rinsed (no food remains).
Additional fee (50% of total bill) will apply for items returned dirty.
Linens should be returned dry, shaken to remove food particles, free of cigarette burns, staples and wax.
Damaged linens will be subject to replacement cost.
Tables and chairs should be kept dry and out of the weather.

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