Corona Menus for Hungry Times

Thank You Note


Dear Hungry Patrons,

Words cannot fully express our heartfelt thanks for you, our local community that has supported us throughout this crazy year. By ordering lunch and dinner delivery you have helped us stay afloat, and we couldn’t be more grateful to live on the Eastern Shore, where generosity and kindness is a way of life.

It is now time for us to return to our traditional business model. Many of our May brides have been waiting a whole year to get married and we need to avert our full attention to them. Therefore our daily delivery menus will end March 27th, exactly one year and one day from when they began, but this doesn’t have to be good-bye. We feel honored to have been a part of your daily lives and get to know you better through phone conversations and front porch chit chats. We’ve enjoyed discussing family and food, (always talking about food) and you have kept us busy by enjoying our culinary creations. We hope you will remember us for the special events in your lives.

If this was your first experience with us, please know we cater all kinds of events from small drop off luncheons to a staffed wedding for several hundred and everything in between. We have catered backyard barbecues and 5 course plated dinners. We love cocktail parties, birthdays and anniversaries. After all, there is so much to celebrate!

So, now that Spring in the air we continue to garden, cook, and write about the wonderful world of food and how it brings us all together in the worst of times and the best of times.

With Appreciation,
Brian and Cathy



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