Corona Menus for Hungry Times

Our Delivery Menus


9/15 -9/26
9/15 – 9/26
Inspiration for the Weeks of 9/15 – 9/26
Produce For Sale

Notes About Delivery:

For Lunch:
• Order before 10:00 am the day of or even the day before.
• All lunch items will be delivered between 11:30-1:00.
• Lunch delivery is free. Tips are appreciated.
For Dinner:
• Please order by 12:00 pm the day before
• Heating instructions are included.
• All items will be delivered between 4:00 – 5:00.
• Dinner delivery is free. Tips are appreciated.

We deliver to many places or can meet you at a neutral location.
The more advance notice we have, the better we can serve you.
Planning is everything. All orders are taken by phone (410-820-5169)
with a debit/credit card, or by email and leave your phone number.

To Our Patrons,

We have been pleased to offer lunch and dinner delivery these past few months, and we plan to continue this service for the foreseeable future. While different than our weddings, special events and cocktail parties, we have enjoyed this new way of doing business. Pleasant phone conversations, drop off waves and little conversations along the way have helped us continue to feel connected to the community in which we’ve catered for over 25 years. While gatherings may be smaller, we are still here to cook for you and your guests. Don’t hesitate to call about delicious drop-offs for small cocktail parties or outdoor summer gatherings where you just might want a little something special for your guests. As always, we are much more than you see here on the website. Our menu options are vast, and we can tailor a menu to meet your needs. Come July, our on-premise gardens will be bursting with Talbot County produce. Our herbs are going strong and with 8 tomato varieties planted, the tomato forecast is colorful, flavorful and certain to taste 100% like the Eastern Shore.

Still Cookin’,
Brian and Cathy Schmidt, Owners