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Enjoy our food on The Patriot - the perfect Eastern Shore venue. Why stay in one spot when you can see it all! www.patriotcruises.com

We have been hesitant to develop a web site and have resisted it for many years. Why? We very much prefer speaking with our clients one on one. A web site cannot replace a conversation. Yet here we are.

This web site was designed to give you just a small taste of what we are capable of. Garden and Garnish is not limited to what you see here. We encourage you to call us and tell us all about your unique event, so that we can give you an accurate, well planned proposal that is going to meet your specific needs. Please explore our web site and know we are only a phone call away...

Brian and Cathy

Learn all about our gluten free biscuits at www.rootintooinnoglutenfoods.com.

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